Xoandre grew up in and around Galesburg—a small town in the heart of Illinois. The constantly changing landscape of the town fueled his passion for expressing thought, emotion, and analysis of social norms.


“Some people write diaries, some keep daily journals. While I only rarely kept a journal, words have never stopped flowing. I write from the heart; sometimes what comes out of my heart and mind has frightened those who have never known strife. Some have told me to remain silent on disconcerting issues. To those who do not understand, and equally to those who understand more than they wish to admit, I say this:

Set your emotions free and expel the darkness before it consumes you.”

When not performing stunt work in community theatrical productions, writing  poetry, and working on a long-neglected novel and short fiction, developing a children’s book, an epic and very odd autobiography, more volumes in his book series, and polishing ideas for screenplays, Xoandre actively performs Spoken Word readings of poems and prose monthly in various settings on the western outskirts of the Chicago Suburbs.