Solution For The World: Put A Lid On It!

You’re sitting at home and suddenly have the craving for a tasty milkshake. So you go to the fridge, grab the ice cream, milk, and your own preferred add-ons to make the shake awesome…

You grab the blender, plug it in, put in all the ingredients and… do you just press the button without the lid on it? Or do you put the lid on it before the contents of the pitcher go flying all over the kitchen?

Now it’s later in the day and you find yourself needing to head to the washroom. Here’s where it gets tricky…


Women complain that men leave the seat up all the time. It’s inconvenient for men if the seat is down. They have to lift the seat – and if men don’t lift the seat while standing and relieving themselves, there’s almost always a bit of splatter – no matter how controlled the aim.

Men hate having to lift the seat.

Women hate having to lower the seat.

This is a battle of the sexes that everyone endures in a mixed-gender household.


The thing is, what happens when you flush a used toilet and leave the lid open?

Millions of micro-particles of urine and fecal matter swirl around and get drained into the hole beneath the toilet. When water splashes around in the toilet, it also sprays into the air above and around the toilet.

Due to the proximity of the toilet to the wash basin or sink, where most people have a toothbrush, shaving supplies, makeup, or bar soap, what happens when a toilet is flushed with the lid open is you spray all those items in the bathroom with fecal matter, urine micro-particles, and any cleaning fluids or mold residue concealed in the toilet valve openings that release the fresh water into an drained toilet.

These micro-particles are also called Fecal Coliforms and – while not necessarily deadly – they are really really gross to think about. Here’s a MYTHBUSTERS episode on the topic:


Both men and women – after you have completed your “business” simply close the lid before you flush the toilet. This reduces the Fecal Coliform¬†spray to almost nothing. It also makes it more of an inconvenience to both men and women when they need to use the toilet.