It’s time to get real about what a president can and cannot do, what a president should say and not say, how a president should act and never act.

A president is responsible for protecting the United States by representing the voice of the people. The president is supposed to be an amalgamation of the hopes, ambitions, beliefs, and reality of the state of the people in this nation and its economic interests. He/She should respect the right of all ethnicities as equal human beings, all nations as sovereign entities, all systems of belief as sacred yet upheld to fair treatment of our planet, our people, and the environment.

What a president can and cannot do:
CAN: Order the Military and the National Guard to act, to hold their ground, or to retreat.
CANNOT: Declare war without the approval of Congress.
CANNOT: Violate the rights of American Citizens, as listed in the Constitution.

CAN: Enforce and Carry Out laws written and approved by Congress.
CANNOT: Create legislation independent of Congressional input.

CAN: Put forth signed letters and statements that support the protection of Citizens and clarify the implementation of Laws.
CANNOT: Violate any law or deny enforcement of any legislation.
CANNOT: Tell falsehoods to or deceive the American People while acting as President.

CAN: Negotiate foreign policy with any nation on Earth, propose Treaties, and sign Multinational Agreements, with approval of the Senate.
CANNOT: Make or uphold any promises with other nations or international corporate entities without consent and approval of the Senate.

CAN: Appoint Justices of the Supreme Court, Ambassadors, and Cabinet Members to head Executive Departments of the Government, as well as Military, Economic, and Legislative counselors and advisors, again with approval of the Senate.
CANNOT: Declare any person as representative of any branch of Government Authority without consent of the Senate.

CAN: Through the State of the Union Address, inform Congress of economic, military, and legislative issues and make Recommendations to them for correcting and resolving issues.
CANNOT: Tell any congressman what to do or how to vote.

CAN: Pardon any felony conviction or pardon any citizen being tried for a crime whom has not yet been convicted.
CANNOT: Violate the trust and sanctity of the Courts without reasonable cause and legitimate explanation.

MUST: Uphold the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and the Legislation and Treaties signed into law before or during his/her presidency.
MUST NEVER: Bend or break said laws, treaties, or violate the Constitution. Doing so is a criminal act and requires a vote of Impeachment by the Congress.

MUST: Uphold the best aspects of human decency, Represent the Office of President with humility, strength, compassion, and wisdom.
MUST NEVER: Present this nation or the Office of President as indecent, dishonorable, deceitful, weak, cruel, or unjust.

MUST: Be a natural born citizen of the United States, born within the boundaries of the United States, its Territories, or Sovereign lands owned by the United States.
MUST NOT: Have been born outside said boundaries or in any other nation.

IS RESPONSIBLE FOR: Treating every human being with respect, trust, and decency.
IS INELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT IF: He/She does not uphold the afore-mentioned aspects of Human Compassion and Decency.