Can you imagine the mindset of someone who is so delusional they believe that strapping explosives to themselves and walking into a public place and blowing themselves and hundreds of people up will make them happy?

Can you imagine a child born into a society, a system of brainwashing so prevalent it overrides general human nature for self preservation?

Can you imagine a group of people who take ancient words of an insane and power hungry group of people as literal truth and the only option?

Some people take their system of belief so seriously they feel that anyone who believes differently than they do must be converted or put to death, because it specifically says to do so in their sacred writings.

This is straight up insanity. It must stop. It is a curse the human race should cast out of the realm of acceptable behavior.

Anyone who is so deluded by the comfort of mass worship and fellowship in a dogmatic sect that has a founding principle of FORCING others to be part of said faith needs to be committed to an asylum for the insane.

There are some who have faith and keep it to themselves. They’re usually nice people. But then there are those who passionately invade other territories and push their ideology on existing societies, undermining the stability of said nation. Then there are those so wacked out of their heads that they blow themselves up to spread death, thinking it will change anyone’s mind about their system of belief.

Not all people of faith are bad. Not all people of faith are good. But many people of faith will go to extremes in hopes that they will change the mind of people who have logic, reason, and evidence on their side. Some simply hold signs outside the places they think are evil. Some get to be on television and talk about their beliefs. Some run for office and get elected.

Some use religion as a stepping stone to climb to the oval office. They say insane things founded on lies and delusions as if they hold any possibility of being fact, which they don’t.

The United States was founded by men who wanted religious persecution prohibited, because they fled such persecution by a theocratic government to found this nation. The United States is not a Christian Nation. It is a Republic that has been taken over by the tycoons, the elite, the wealthy who have ensured the only new laws made will protect themselves.