I am in favor of Bernie Sanders, for many reasons.

However, if the strategies Hillary’s supporters are using to ensure she receives the nomination inevitably succeed, I will vote for Hillary.


Because of the Supreme Court.
– we cannot afford to have a corporatist or tycoon president in power when it’s time to potentially select 2-3 new Judges for the Supreme Court.

Because we must continue the progress made thus far.
– Obama tried to get Single Payer, failed and got ObamaCare instead.
– Moving forward with the patient protections guaranteed within that law, we can make great strides to achieve affordability and reduce costs.
– We must continue to reform Wall Street, with taxation that is fair and protections to prevent a collapse the likes of which no one wants to see again (even though the signs are there that a collapse will be here before Election Day).
– Continue to boost Fuel Efficiency standards. Most engineers in the Auto Industry have the capability and technology to boost every vehicle in existence and yet to be made to 45-50 MPG. The problem is that the Auto Industry shares its profits with the Oil Industry and reducing consumption of gasoline would damage the profitability and stock prices of OIL even further than it presently is.
– Raise the minimum wage. While Bernie is realistically pushing for $15/hr, and Hillary is proposing $12 federal and states can go above that if they wish, any boost at this point will ensure economic growth and record breaking profits for every company in the USA.

The TPP:
– Hillary is wishy-washy and supported the NAFTA bill, which killed more jobs than those lost in 1929 and created a BOOM for Walmart (her former employers)
– We need to stop this horrible slaughter of our Constitutional rights as citizens, consumers, and human beings who wish to have employment at all.
– The Trans Pacific Partnership is a corporate-profit-focused bill that has no guarantees of keeping a single production job in the USA, if the bill is passed and signed.
– FREE TRADE is the worst possible thing any nation can offer to any other nation. It breaks down barriers for economic growth in our country. It destroys factories, unions, good paying jobs, pensions, and any chance of the poor or middle class of becoming solvent or even successful.

– Sure, there have been some instances where Trump has not been number one, but this blowhard tycoon is a corporate conglomerate in and of himself.
– Trump has one interest only: in making more money. Just watch any episode of The Apprentice, watch any interview he has had prior to running for President. Read the books he commissioned someone to write and slap his name on.
– If elected President, Trump will obliterate any and all middle class protections, focus solely on making more money for his billionaire pals, and bring about WWIII with his blustering and threats to nearly every nation on Earth.

So whoever receives the Democratic nomination will receive my vote.

I truly hope it’s Bernie Sanders, because he could lay any and every single one of the Republican contenders down easily.

But if Hillary becomes the nominee, I will vote for her because we cannot afford another BUSH or potentially a completely Republican controlled government.