Ford, Toyota, General Motors, Hyundai, and Nissan all team up to remove all “rules of the road” and all Insurance regulations. They strip every regulation concerning vehicle upkeep, seat belts, air bags, and even emission regulations.

Think of the children who get behind the wheel with no stripes on the streets, no direction or speed limit signage. With no insurance or seatbelts. Think of the millions of people who will once again (like in the 1950s) get sick, be hospitalized, and die of the toxic fumes that go unrestricted into clouds of smog in and around our streets and cities. 

Can you imagine the chaos and insanity this would bring? The diseases and pollution?

We need these rules, these guidelines, these protections, and – yes – these licenses and exorbitant fees to pay for upkeep of the roads, for protection from crazy people who just don’t get the concept of civil courtesy. They exist to keep everyone inside the car, everyone outside the car safe and healthy.

Liability insurance is mandated by state and federal laws to cover the cost of automobile collisions that involve someone other than the driver of said vehicle. It protects everyone if anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car is insured.



Now apply the same logic to the NRA – a conglomerate of GUN Manufacturers telling people they don’t need rules or insurance or licenses. Such rules and regulations would decrease profits, diminish freedoms, and violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution…. so they claim.

For a while, we had bans on assault weapons, we had limits in some states and counties on the quantity of bullets a single magazine or clip could hold, we had rules about securing a gun with trigger locks and gun safes.

Currently, we still have laws restricting sale and private ownership of land mines, grenade launchers, missiles, nuclear warheads, and lethal gasses/toxins.

But these have constantly been attacked by the NRA, by the manufacturers of such mass-murdering devices.


Now I am waiting…

I am waiting in fear.

I am waiting in dread and concern.
I am waiting to hear the news of this inevitable event…

When Mexico or Canada or another nation declares WAR on the USA because a terrorist launched an attack on their soil with weapons bought LEGALLY by those same terrorists here in the United States. These people are on a NO FLY list for a reason. But they can still buy weapons all they want to.

They may not be able to fly, but they can drive, take a boat, ride a train, a bus, a taxi cab anywhere in this nation. Or across borders.


One thing we could do to change the conversation is to stop calling Semi-automatic and Automatic guns with clips/magazines of more than 30 bullets ‘GUNS’. They’re not ‘Assault Weapons.’ They are not for self defense or protecting a home.

They are Weapons of. Mass. Murder.
W. M. M.’s

Like W. M. D.’s, they have no place in the hands of the general public. They exist for one purpose: to murder human beings.



This is the purpose of regulation and fighting the NRA. We must create laws requiring the gun owner, the seller, the manufacturer, the gun-show attendee and salesman to be insured, to have liability insurance for a device that is meant to spit a projectile at high velocity through the air, into a target that could be wood, paper, metal, glass, animal, or human flesh.

We should eliminate the lie that we want to TAKE AWAY guns, like we eliminated the lie that putting seat belts in cars and having insurance would reduce the sales and profit margins of the automobile manufacturers.

We just intend to make it safer for you and everyone else to use and own such a thing.