In The Moat

In The Moat

More than 20 years ago, I was a writer for a local newspaper in my home town of Galesburg, Illinois.

At that time, the paper had very little in the way of opinion or advice columns. I conceived an idea for a weekly column where I could reminisce about life, the universe, and everything. This blog is the long-gestating continuation of that and will include perspectives on life, solutions for the world, and some thought-provoking (perhaps completely outrageous) opinions and solutions to the problems of the world.

I promise nothing more than an in-depth look at alternate perspectives on how “common sense” is taken for granted, and why we must set it aside to embrace the radical ideas that may just save the state of our existence on this fragile sphere we apathetically keep trying to obliterate.

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15,000 Swipes on Tinder…

PART ONE: the story of the futility of dating websites/apps…

Yes, I have made over 15,000 swipes on Tinder.
Don’t believe me?
I do live in the Chicago suburbs and I do drive all over the area every weekday. On my very limited down time, I sometimes check my Tinder Que and swipe a few dozen lefts or rights.

After over a year of swipes, I’ve made a grand total of 4 mutual connections.

Here are the details:

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SFTW: Put A Lid On It!

Solution For The World: Put A Lid On It!

You’re sitting at home and suddenly have the craving for a tasty milkshake. So you go to the fridge, grab the ice cream, milk, and your own preferred add-ons to make the shake awesome…

You grab the blender, plug it in, put in all the ingredients and… do you just press the button without the lid on it? Or do you put the lid on it before the contents of the pitcher go flying all over the kitchen?

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Brass Tacks: Time to Vote!

I am in favor of Bernie Sanders, for many reasons.

However, if the strategies Hillary’s supporters are using to ensure she receives the nomination inevitably succeed, I will vote for Hillary.


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POTUS: What Can You Do?

It’s time to get real about what a president can and cannot do, what a president should say and not say, how a president should act and never act.

A president is responsible for protecting the United States by representing the voice of the people. The president is supposed to be an amalgamation of the hopes, ambitions, beliefs, and reality of the state of the people in this nation and its economic interests. He/She should respect the right of all ethnicities as equal human beings, all nations as sovereign entities, all systems of belief as sacred yet upheld to fair treatment of our planet, our people, and the environment.

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It’s ‘Radical’

Can you imagine the mindset of someone who is so delusional they believe that strapping explosives to themselves and walking into a public place and blowing themselves and hundreds of people up will make them happy?

Can you imagine a child born into a society, a system of brainwashing so prevalent it overrides general human nature for self preservation?

Can you imagine a group of people who take ancient words of an insane and power hungry group of people as literal truth and the only option?

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Education Funding & Government

Over my lifetime, I have seen and heard countless opinions expressed on how the United States Education System is broken, how it is a drain on the coffers of government, and how we need to privatize the schools.

When I was a child, I dreamed of joining that most noble of professions: Teacher. I loved how determined and patient my teachers were with every one of my classmates. Continue reading “Education Funding & Government”

Liability Insurance & Equal Protection


Ford, Toyota, General Motors, Hyundai, and Nissan all team up to remove all “rules of the road” and all Insurance regulations. They strip every regulation concerning vehicle upkeep, seat belts, air bags, and even emission regulations.

Think of the children who get behind the wheel with no stripes on the streets, no direction or speed limit signage. With no insurance or seatbelts. Think of the millions of people who will once again (like in the 1950s) get sick, be hospitalized, and die of the toxic fumes that go unrestricted into clouds of smog in and around our streets and cities.  Continue reading “Liability Insurance & Equal Protection”

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